September 25, 2018

Survival of the fittest or protection of the weak? Political priorities

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:18 pm by Aleksan

Are we all equal or are some “more equal than others” to quote George Orwell in Animal Farm? When you get old and are disabled you feel unequal in lots of ways – less energy, less strength, less balance and many as a consequence have less status and ability to earn money. For different reasons children and teenagers often lack equality. So are healthy young adults the only ones that are equal? By no means – adults vary in intelligence, skills, strength and in wealth. Can we all have equal opportunities? No, because some have more skills, abilities and know-how than others.

So perhaps this is what politics is really about – recognising the unfair realities of nature and culture and devising a system that minimises or eliminates unfairness and compensates for these inequalities through the best education, health service and social services that can be provided and paid for. And this is the rub – people all have different ideas how this can be done, and may have vested interest in the status quo, and no change, if they are sitting pretty.

So we have political parties and democracy to aid the process – but does this system work? Only if people put the country and the disadvantaged first, before their own interests. Instead we have political tribes entrenched in self interested positions ruled by either fear, anger or greed. No wonder it all seems so chaotic and alienating to people of goodwill cynical of the party political process and wanting a better world for us all.

I guess it’s an evolutionary process but hopefully not one geared to Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” but to the revival and benefit of all existences, animal and human, the able and the less able.

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