August 19, 2018

Feeling colder with age – and longevity

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:43 am by Aleksan

As I age I feel the cold more. Even in the heatwave I had to keep warm, though I did go skyclad in the garden on a few very hot days. I used to be surprised at my grandmother and mother, and Penny’s mother wearing cardigans in hot weather. It seems that as we age our metabolic rate goes down and the subcutaneous fat thins. We eat less, and have to cover up more to maintain a normal core body temperature. And this core temperature is also lower in old people. The risk in severe cases of cold is hypothermia, a killer. But on the positive side research has shown that a lower calorie intake and feeling cold are associated with a longer life. So my advice to fellow oldies is don’t worry what people think – cuddle up to that hot water bottle, wear socks in bed, drink lots of warm drinks – and enjoy a longer and cosier life!

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