August 10, 2018

Dehumanising Burquas?

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:39 am by Aleksan

Johnson has said that people wearing Burquas should be allowed to do so, but look like “letter boxes” and “bank robbers”. Is he demonstrating freedom of speech or is this offensive to a minority? Is being offensive part of free speech or does this sort of comment lead to more racism, or more radicalism? A Moslem lawyer on the radio this morning said that his comments were unacceptable because they were “dehumanising”. But is this not Johnson’s point – that people who wear clothes like this are dehumanising themselves or more likely dehumanised by their culture? This has led to an interesting debate, but there is a tendency by some to close down discussion by saying they are offended. So what? Being offended is indeed a part of a healthy democratic life, part of free speech. Bring it on! If no one is offended by this post I will be disappointed!


  1. Jane said,

    Sorry to disappoint you dear Sandy, but I remain unoffended by your comments because I value freedom of speech. Boris clearly took the piss out of a minority group to open up the debate. It felt wrong to me and also confirmed why I don’t spend much time listening to any of the propaganda. It’s all a bit of a cosmic joke at the end of the day but does help me appreciate the freedom of my own senses.
    Namaste beautiful soul x

  2. aleksan said,

    Good to hear from you Jane x

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