August 9, 2018

Sexual abuse in Christian Schools

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:17 pm by Aleksan

The Abbott of Downside School once came to my old school, Kings College, Taunton. He gave a sermon, and I never forgot his words “We prepare our boys for death” – now do we know what he meant?

To elaborate:

Having been the victim of a fumbling attempt at sexual abuse at Marsh Court School by Mr Hugh—Jones, the assistant Latin Master, I received a leavers warning talk from Mr Wright to watch out for “Pansies” at my Public School. As HJ was, in retrospect, so obviously one of those, I do not really believe that our upright Head Master really knew what a pansy was…I didn’t see any pansies, or did not know what to look for, at Kings College, Taunton, but well remember a Sermon by the Visiting Abbott of Downside School – who frightening declared “We prepare our boys for death”. Now I know what he really meant – death of the Soul through sexual abuse of boys by the Monks. Of course he did not mean that, but that is what his words mean to me now, hearing the appalling news about continuing sexual abuse of boys at Britain’s top Roman Catholic Boarding Schools, especially in the Junior part of those schools.

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