July 4, 2018

Bert the Bogger – memories from 1958

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:00 am by Aleksan

The “sit down toilets” in Fort George, an ugly toilet block at my new boarding school, Kings College, Taunton, did not have doors….there was a long row of these facing a corridor and then a whitewashed wall. I was 13 and this was 1958 and for a shy boy like me this was to say the least anxiety making. However even more stressful, as one sat on ones throne, was to hear “Bert the Bogger” with his bucket and mop talking to boys also on their thrones down the row. As he and his clanking bucket got nearer panic set in, but there was no escape. There he was, brown coated, mop in hand, friendly and sociable as always, peering into my open doored closet discussing the weather or cricket! I can’t remember when they put doors in, but now there are girls as well as boys at the school I expect things have changed – or is there now a Fort Mandy and a lady Bogger with pink coat and who discusses Hockey as they sit on there thrones?

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