June 28, 2018

Growing Fascist tendencies in the world

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:05 am by Aleksan

Just been listening to Madeleine Albright talking about her book “Fascism: A Warning” – there is an increasing awareness that populist movements in the US, Turkey, Hungry and Poland are on the verge of Fascism. But what exactly is Fascism? It seems to begin with a culture of not listening to other people’s views if they conflict with the majority, and then persecuting minority groups not agreeing with the majority tribal view. What Fascist thinkers dislike most is a free press and media, and opposition in any form. These majority tribes can develop from Left or Right wing ideologies. Professor Jordan Peterson suggests that PC culture has these undemocratic tendencies, together with any intolerance of others with different views from our own. To quote him “The views of the individual should never be sacrificed to the Tribe”. Free speech, which will always offend someone, is sacrosanct in a truly open and democratic community.

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