June 13, 2018

Introducing Fred the Wheeler – a mobility aid that frees the body and the spirit!

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:03 am by Aleksan

I am now using a walker with wheels to get exercise without falling over, and to take the strain off my gammy right knee. I can go fast, and when tired, sit down on it and enjoy a new view. It belonged to my mother who used it after her hip replacements. I am a bit self conscious about being seen in public with this, but it is proving so useful that I will have to man-up and deal with my vanity, which I have not yet eradicated from my Ego – but old age really helps you see what is important in life and not to attach to a self that no longer exists. Sam loves my Wheeler and Penny Burnfield calls it “Fred”. This morning Fred, Sam and I went for a walk round in the garden, and we found o lovely view and thanked the Spirit of Sun for Light and Life, before I did some joyful chanting – Blessings of the Bright Light to you all and don’t forget to dance and love one another at this time as the lengthening days herald the Summer Solstice and St John’s Day 💥💥💥

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