May 15, 2018

Re Enchanting a Divided World

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:53 am by Aleksan

Long ago I became disillusioned with the Christian Religion I was taught as a chld, and have come to see all the Abrahamic Religions as unhelpful, territorial, power focussed and polarising. Buddhism was a focus for me for several years, but was always alien and somewhat severe. Today I visited the River and connected with the Great Spirit of Nature and brought to mind the conflicts in America, the Middle East in particular. Chanting Sacred Words of Wisdom and Magic I conducted a Ritual for Peace, Understanding and Compassion in the troubled world around me, and so in a small way sending Blessings to those fearful or enraged at this time by the unfairness of an unjust world. May the Powers of Goodness and Wisdom prevail here in this apparent and transitory world, and in the Realms of all Existences 💥💥💥

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