May 11, 2018

Imagination – my friend always

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:46 am by Aleksan

I remember reading something I was not meant to see just before leaving Marsh Court School aged 13. It was a note at the end of a report from my Masters to the Masters at my next school, Kings College, Taunton. “Burnfield has far too much imagination for his own good”. I was perplexed – how could anyone have too much imagination? I was sent off to Marsh Court to live as a Boarder at the age of 7 – a great cultural shock, a very different place from the family farm, and the down to earth folk working there. School was a scary place, and I remember I was for a while given the nickname “Oi” because of my local village accent “Oi wuz up the playing fields, Zur” I soon learned to escape into a world of fantasy, read books continuously and so protected myself from the hard reality of school, stern Masters, boys with toff voices and and an over high opinion of themselves, and an almost monastic routine. I developed my imagination, a friend to me always, a way of connecting with a loving and magical world where I could be in control – and I am so grateful!

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