April 11, 2018

The Ape’s revenge, or the Angel’s wisdom?

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:38 am by Aleksan

Humans have been described as Ape descendants and Monkeys with shoes, but many persist in believing Humans are some sort of evolutionary high point. It has also been pointed out that Humans have the brains of beasts, medieval Institutions and the knowledge of the Gods. In other words we have knowledge and technology without Wisdom.

So perhaps it is not surprising that we constantly wage war s and the big and powerful get to the top and have all the money. Not surprising, but surely we are still evolving and must get to a bettor place – a fairer more peaceful world, where children, old people, the sick and disabled are cared for as a priority. This requires an acceptance of the facts and a commitment to change ourselves, however little, and so eventually change the Society we live in.

Humans are suspended somewhere between the Animals and the Angels. Both natures are needed, because to be only one or the other is not reality. We must welcome our animal nature as part of the magic of our natural world, but also develop our Angel nature – we are not animals trying to be Spiritual Beings but Spiritual Beings trying to give meaning to our animal nature and the space time existence we find ourselves in.

If we focus on this side of ourselves we are more likely to be compassionate and wise and less likely to seek violent and destructive solutions – like blowing people to pieces because they have poisoned others. However we are still Ape descendants and evolution is a slow process – I am not holding my breath, but breathing slowly, holding on to my connection with people of goodwill, wise and compassionate ancestors and future generations.

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