April 3, 2018

My Personal Ritual

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:29 pm by Aleksan

Now the weather is more clement I have been visiting the River again to greet the Great Spirit and ask the Goddesses, Gods and my personal Guides for Peace and Love in the World, in the U.K., in my Community and in our Sacred Grove. I then think of my family and friends and wish for Peace and Love in their Hearts, ending with a commitment to Peace, Love, and Gratitude deep in the Heart of my own Soul. I end this Ritual by chanting three times thrice and once again a Word connecting me with the Great Spirit, Ancestors, local and familial, and Teachers, past present and future. Blessings of Love and Peace to you all and to all Beings and Natures in the Apparent World, and in the Realms of Existence beyond.

Please feel feel to join me in this Ritual if you are passing by. Gillbride, Bard.

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