March 9, 2018

Dehydration – I forgot the Gypsy’s warning…

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:28 am by Aleksan

When I consulted a Gypsy recently at an Equine Event she ended our in depth and helpful consultation with very good advice “Remember Sir, you are not so young – to live a long time you must do two things – Keep drinking and keep moving”. I try to live up to this but a week ago I allowed myself to get dehydrated and developed a urinary infection made worse by being dehydrated. The problem is that when you get older you don’t feel so naturally thirsty and you have to actively remind yourself to keep drinking, making sure to pass lots of clear urine. During the cold spell I took my eye off the ball and forgot the Gypsy’s crucial advice – and paid the price. After a week of antibiotics and probiotics, and drinking lots of decaffeinated tea I feel better, but I won’t feel completely recovered until I stop these infernal antibiotics that make me ache and feel weak. So if you are out and about and come across a bent old gentlemen near some horses with a wee white doggie, please say to him “Keep drinking and keep moving!”

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