March 6, 2018

Downtime at Terstan

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:45 pm by Aleksan

its a bit of a down time at Terstan at the moment – I am getting over another infection with the help of anti and probiotics – 50 years of a neurological condition has left me with a dysfunctional bladder and I am prone to urinary infections so pretty well used to the routine, but they are nasty old bugs – better today but weak and no appetite yet.
Poor old Sammy is under the weather too – he went to the Vet this morning with an infection next to his left eye, and has some ointment – he has been inactive and subdued for a few days – so we have had lots of cuddles together, and he follows me around like the wee doggie he is.
Womenfolk have been helpful – thank you Penny and Sarah, and all of you for your good wishes – Sammy and I will be back to plague you all before too long…!


Thanks for so many good wishes for Sammy and me – his eye is much better and he has got his zest for life back again. I am also improving and eating again, but remain a bit weak and wobbly. So great news all round! Lots of love from us both x

I am not in denial but I really don’t wish to accept that I am in my eight decade and of course ageing a bit – so although weak and wobbly I will try to take Sammy for a short walk soon – adapt or become extinct – I may be a Dinosaur but I am not ready for extinction just yet…

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