March 24, 2018

Creating meaning….

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No one chooses their species,body or place and time of birth. Our Souls are trying to make sense of where we find ourselves

March 17, 2018

My Credo, my Philosophy of Life

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Once we can understand that we are not Humans trying to become Spiritual Beings but Spiritual Beings experiencing what it is like being a Human, and learning from the process, the world becomes a different place. When we can see that Dogs and Horses, and indeed all animals and birds, all life, is the process of Spiritual as well as Physical development, the world changes too.

Then we can understand that all Beings not only belong to our Spiritual family but serve as our Teachers, our Gurus – especially when they disagree with us, challenge us or make life seemingly more difficult! When we realise that our life here is a School from which we can learn how to be Spirits in our various forms, then we can also understand that it is more important to answer Life’s questions than to ask “Why me, why now, why that, why them?

Perhaps we are here not to ask impossible questions but to answer them through how we live our lives, and to work with the Creative Forces, forging meaning both for ourselves and the World, maybe for the Universe, maybe for Worlds unimaginable in this present School of Life, in the realm of Space-Time. When we realise these things the World changes for the better and we can begin to understand and work together with our fellow Spirit Beings in what ever form they appear – to be kind and tread gently while taking the lead in creating better and more meaningful experiences for all, in every Realm of Existence.

March 15, 2018

Corbyn the Appeaser

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Many of us had high hopes for Corbyn – a man of undoubted integrity.  However to be a leader you need to combine integrity with other qualities, like firmness and good judgement.  His views that one should be cautious to condemn Russia over the Salisbury Nerve Agent assassination atempts, and collaborate with the Russians, are not helpful in the midst of a crisis however well meant.  History shows us that appeasing bullies often backfires – so good to hear that the Labour front bench have got him onside now.  Trusting his judgement going forward is another matter….

March 13, 2018

Corbyn and Trump have failed the Assertiveness Test

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Our country has been attacked in a cowardly way by an arrogant foreign power. May has so far spoken plainly but Corbyn and Trump have failed the test. The point is to be firm and clear without being aggressive or submissive. It is called being assertive – saying No without aggression or apology and not obfuscating. We are learning a lot from the Salisbury assassination attempt….

March 12, 2018

Chanting voices in the bathroom – a calm and energising influence

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While dozing in a warm bath just now my voice was suddenly taken over by a strange unworldly chanting – two voices alternating, one a deep dominating sound, the other higher pitched but querulous.  I couldn’t understand what they were saying but the language was rather like Tibetan or Ancient Sanskrit.  I let them blast away for a while, enjoying the rhythm and deep resonance enhanced by the bathroom acoustics.  They ended suddenly and without warning, leaving me feeling calm and energised.  This sort of thing has happened to me over the years, and seems to be a trans-rational phenomenon with no intellectual component, reminiscent of the speaking in tongues at the time of the Holy Pentecost.


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I opened up a cellophane packet containing some “Almost Wholemeal Sourdough” bread for breakfast and out popped a wee green beetle – he scuttled over the work top, fell to the floor and was eaten up by Mr Sam. Well his life was almost spared and Sam almost had some breakfast. I almost did not eat the bread, but on examination there was no evidence, or almost none, of alien activity – poor Mr Beetle, I hope his Soul finds another body soon – my toast and raspberry jam was almost the best I have ever tasted!

March 9, 2018

Free thinker kicked off Egyptian TV for trying to explain his Atheist views

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Socrates, two an and a half thousand years ago was killed for “corrupting the youth” with the same free thinking ideas as this guy. Big respect to him – and what a primitive country Egypt is….

Dehydration – I forgot the Gypsy’s warning…

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When I consulted a Gypsy recently at an Equine Event she ended our in depth and helpful consultation with very good advice “Remember Sir, you are not so young – to live a long time you must do two things – Keep drinking and keep moving”. I try to live up to this but a week ago I allowed myself to get dehydrated and developed a urinary infection made worse by being dehydrated. The problem is that when you get older you don’t feel so naturally thirsty and you have to actively remind yourself to keep drinking, making sure to pass lots of clear urine. During the cold spell I took my eye off the ball and forgot the Gypsy’s crucial advice – and paid the price. After a week of antibiotics and probiotics, and drinking lots of decaffeinated tea I feel better, but I won’t feel completely recovered until I stop these infernal antibiotics that make me ache and feel weak. So if you are out and about and come across a bent old gentlemen near some horses with a wee white doggie, please say to him “Keep drinking and keep moving!”

March 8, 2018

Catastrophe Theory and the Jam Jar explosion!

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Have you ever noticed the interesting spike graph on the top of your cup of tea? This is the graph for Catastrophe Theory – a mathematical theory that explains why suddenly things are stable and then become unstable.  This phenomenon occurs everywhere in the natural world – a good example might be when a dog forces a rat into a corner, and is then attacked by the rat and bitten.  Fight or flight – the rat is scared and tries to run away, and then at a certain point flight turns to fight when fear turns to rage.   I placed a pot of Apricot jam too near the end of the table this morning – it gradually toppled over, hit the floor and exploded leaving bits of glass and jam all over the floor!  One moment all was stable, then a second later all was chaotic.  Penny cleared it up very patiently and without accusation…she knows I can be a bit doddery at times and I appreciate her kindness.  It can all be explained on the top of that cup of tea or coffee if you look carefully when there is a strong light source like the Sun or a Light – try it.

March 7, 2018

My precious…

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Sammy is lying watching me typing this – his head resting on my mobile phone AND my kindle. He knows these are precious to me so they are precious to him – but I would not have thought very comfortable!

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