February 20, 2018

Restoring the balance – we need to become more logical, but also to re-enchant the World

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:53 am by Aleksan

The human being is an emotional animal contrary to the name for our species – Homo Sapiens. Research has shown that even the most intelligent of our species make decisions based on skilfully told emotional stories than on well sourced evidence based big data. This emotional determined behaviour was helpful when decisions were about escaping a lion or defending children from an enemy. But we are now in a scientific and technical environment too. However humans have not had time to evolve to make logical decisions needed in this arena. In fact this world has resulted in us being cut off from the being part of nature, a world where many relate only in a virtual sense through the ubiquitous computer screen, whether on tablet or phone. Dating is carried on this way too and many fear social contact and the outside natural world. So the solution is not so simple – humans need to acknowledge their emotionality and build on their intellectual and cognitive skills, but also to do the very opposite – live the symbolic life of Carl Jung, and re-enchant the world we live in through the Arts and Adventure. I hope our education system is up to this, because to make sure humans of the future are happy and fulfilled we have to develop both our rational nature while celebrating our place in the larger emotionally and instinctively driven Natural World.

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