February 8, 2018

LGBTQI etc? Are labels like this really helpful? Or “Vive la difference”……

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:24 am by Aleksan

LGBTQI etc! The Ancient Greeks expressed their gender and sexual behaviour in many ways – but they had no label for gay, let alone all the other possibilities and permutations manifest in animal behaviour, including human…So it was so good to hear Sir Ian McKellen, a gay man, making the point this morning that the ever increasing use of labels is unhelpful and misleading. Labels may have a place, for instance “Arthritis” making it possible for patients to get the right treatment, but to label so many shades of human behaviour can be polarising and lead to discrimination and worse. Let’s all just celebrate who we are and enjoy variety, said to be the spice of life – and say, as the French do “Vive la difference!”

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