February 1, 2018

Re-kindling the Sacred Flame – Imbolc Blessings

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:06 am by Aleksan

I am planning to hold a short Imbolc Ritual here at the Terstan Stones at 4 pm when we will re kindle the Sacred Flame of Brighid and offer a libation of milk. Anyone who wants to join me is very welcome, just turn up in warm clothes with a candle if you have one 💥💥💥

Imbolc Blessings! The Celtic Festival of Imbolc on February 1st or 2nd (pronounced eem-olc) is halfway between the Winter Solstice (Yule, or Christmas) and the Spring Equinox. It is a celebration of Brighid, Goddess of Light, Rebirth and the Sacred Flame, (St Bride in the Christian Tradition, where this day is known as Candlemass) – Imbolc heralds Spring, the lengthening of days, the end of Winter, and is often symbolised by Snowdrops. I shall be waiting for Brighid and her Calf to pass by and offering a libation of milk, something I have been doing for many years. Interestingly I found out more recently that my paternal ancestors in Scotland were associated with the Siol Gillebride – Seeds of the Servants of St Bride.

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