January 31, 2018

Is Productivity a Sacred Cow?

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:16 am by Aleksan

I wonder if there are not values more important than the Sacred Cows of “Productivity” “Economic Growth” and “Efficiency” we constantly hear about on the media and from politicians? Perhaps free time, sleep, relaxing with family, fun time socialising, sport, the Arts, and Music can be valued too, not to mention my favourite – Idleness. Sometimes quality of life is threatened by those economic imperatives that make people slaves to the system, forced to work all hours for a pittance, and with no say in their fate. Of course we want a wealthy Society, but not at the expense of so much stress, fear and competiveness in the community. We can’t go backwards, but we can choose lifestyle, freedom and happiness above the concrete or plastic jungle of an ever more frenetic world, increasing mental health issues in children and teens….or can we choose? Is it too late to put leisure, kindness and the environment first?

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