January 27, 2018

Sam has now taken up responsibility for Elf and Safety in addition to his Security duties….

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:19 am by Aleksan

Sam is of course Head of Security here but in addition he has clearly appointed himself Elf and Safety too. He constantly watches out for unusual noises, smells and of course for animals, including humans, in the vicinity and lets us know with squeals and barks – he also comes and gets us when required. Sam also keeps himself and me clean, and scavenges any dangerous particles of food he discovers.
I have just made some toast, and he is particularly good at anticipating any burning problems, alerting me well before the charcoal stage if I forget the toast and the setting is too high. It is great to have someone of his skills and knowledge watching over us, and he is rewarded by munchy bonuses for his excellent canine services.

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