January 7, 2018

Can Democracy deliver? Education and critical thinking may help….

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:50 am by Aleksan

Sometimes I look at the world and see so much ignorance, bullying, abuse and stupidity that I despair, and yearn for the appearance of the proverbial “Philosopher King” or should that be “Philosopher Queen”? I see the various Populist movements and Alt Right groups in the US and Europe, and observe that the very antithesis of a Philosopher King is President of the US – a man elected by many people in a Democratic process in his country.

I muse that when 50% of any population have IQs below 100 then perhaps the lowest common denominator is inevitable in a Democratic process. But isn’t it really more about information that can be trusted and education levels – both comparatively low in the US it seems?

Does this mean that Democratic countries will always fail and that Dictatorships like China must inevitably succeed? Because they don’t need to take account of Democratic views or human rights?

So how do we improve things….as Churchill said Democracy has many flaws but jaw jaw is better than war, war. If we are not to become ruled by the elite, or brought down by the ignorant we must find ways of making Democracy work better so we get good but strong leaders.

As an old fashioned Liberal (but a member of the Green Party) I believe the solution must always be education – and this means creating a fair environment so that the children of the future have equal and fair opportunities for education from birth, and are taught critical thinking skills early in Primary education. This is my Manifesto for 2018 and I commend it to the House!

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