January 4, 2018

An Open Letter to Test Valley Borough Council Community Governance Review

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Dear Reviewers,

I am writing to express my strong opposition to any border changes between Stockbridge on the East bank of the River Test and Longstock on the Right bank of the River Test. These two communities have distinct identities and it is important that Longstock remains a diverse community with its range of housing options and Community School. It should not just become a residential gentrified add on to Stockbridge. It must be remembered that in the Norman Doomsday book Longstock is called Stoches and Stockbridge is White Somborne – later becoming Stockbridge because of it association with the older community of Longstock, created by the West Saxons.

The River Test has been a boundary between the two communities for thousands of years, and marked the boundary between the Ancient British Tribes of the Durotriges, West side – Danebury and Houghton Down based. and Belgae on the Left Side – Winchester based.

To summarise the Ancient boundary marked by the River Test has been used by Ancient Britons, Romans, Saxons, Norman’s, and historically right up to the present time. The Ancient Britons called the River “Terstan” meaning Fast Waters and the Romans called it Trexula. The Saxons referred to it as Terstan In their records. The River Test is an Ancient and natural boundary – and still marks an important divide between the two distinct communities of Longstock and Stockbridge. As a resident of Longstock for 73 years I say let us honour the Ancestors, Ancient and Modern and let the Boundary stand.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Alexander J Burnfield

Terstan Longstock

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