January 2, 2018

Four Doctors help with Healing – or are there more?

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:30 am by Aleksan

Well it’s a New Year and my progress continues – each day a little better, a little more energy and an improving appetite. My four Doctors have been a great help – Dr Wholesome Diet, Dr Regular Walk, Dr Plenty of Sleep, and Dr Laugh…Sarah J tells me that I have forgotten a certain Dr Nuts – I guess that he, or she, is probably an important Medico – but there are also lots of great friends, family, my ever patient wife Penny, and my dog Sam who have contributed to my healing as well as my connection to the Gods and Goddesses of Nature and my special friends in the Forest who mean so much to me – a multi dimensional Web weaving though time, space and and the realms beyond….Thanks to you all, and have a great year xxx

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