January 31, 2018

Is Productivity a Sacred Cow?

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I wonder if there are not values more important than the Sacred Cows of “Productivity” “Economic Growth” and “Efficiency” we constantly hear about on the media and from politicians? Perhaps free time, sleep, relaxing with family, fun time socialising, sport, the Arts, and Music can be valued too, not to mention my favourite – Idleness. Sometimes quality of life is threatened by those economic imperatives that make people slaves to the system, forced to work all hours for a pittance, and with no say in their fate. Of course we want a wealthy Society, but not at the expense of so much stress, fear and competiveness in the community. We can’t go backwards, but we can choose lifestyle, freedom and happiness above the concrete or plastic jungle of an ever more frenetic world, increasing mental health issues in children and teens….or can we choose? Is it too late to put leisure, kindness and the environment first?

“You do not own me but I pass through you while you live”

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“You do not own me but I pass through you while you live”. These words directly and unexpectedly received from The Great Spirit, sounded through my head. When you get older your mind turns to making sense of life, and when you are not well doubly so. I had been feeling a little sorry for myself with a nasty cough robbing me of rest, and exhausting me. Penny suggested I actually get out of the house and take Sam for a short walk. This what I was doing when The Great Spirit spoke and I treasure those words of Wisdom. I got to the River and the voice came again “The essence of River cannot be possessed as it flows into the Ocean”

What a hoot!

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Woken up by a loud hoot outside my window at 4 in the morning….then I heard the full twit ta woo hoo! A pair, and it not yet Valentines Day. Then not far away, I heard a second pair a twit a twooing – and then a third pair even further away but still distinct. Luckily this performance only lasted about 20 minutes and I fell back to sleep, thinking that the shrews and mice better watch out or they will all be gobbled up….

January 29, 2018

Women exploiting men….lets be fair, it works both ways

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Outraged by reports I have received in the last couple of days about how young men are exploited at female only doos. Men have to be topless, no big deal, but they are harassed, fondled and worse. OK it is unacceptable for young women to be exploited as in the Presidents Club, but let’s by fair – it happens both ways, and maybe some women think they can get away with it more in the current anti male climate…..

The Swivel Eyed Few…

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A woman was quoted on the Radio this morning as describing a group of elderly retired men as “the swivel eyed few”. I have been trying to work out firstly if this is more a sexist or an ageist statement, and secondly, how can I make my eyes swivel less.

January 27, 2018

Sam has now taken up responsibility for Elf and Safety in addition to his Security duties….

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Sam is of course Head of Security here but in addition he has clearly appointed himself Elf and Safety too. He constantly watches out for unusual noises, smells and of course for animals, including humans, in the vicinity and lets us know with squeals and barks – he also comes and gets us when required. Sam also keeps himself and me clean, and scavenges any dangerous particles of food he discovers.
I have just made some toast, and he is particularly good at anticipating any burning problems, alerting me well before the charcoal stage if I forget the toast and the setting is too high. It is great to have someone of his skills and knowledge watching over us, and he is rewarded by munchy bonuses for his excellent canine services.

January 24, 2018

Wet Dog on the Bed…..

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The gales howl outside and the rain comes down – Storm Georgina pronounced with an Irish accent. As I sit in my cosy bed drinking a mug of tea Penny, made of stronger stuff than me, is taking Sammy out.
Apparently at first he would not go, then decided he had to dog up and venture out. End result: I now have a wet dog on my bed wanting a cuddle!

January 23, 2018

Adapting to being a New Species – Homo Internetus

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When are Ancestors were apes they could not speak but physically groomed each other in a social group of about 30 family and friends. A massive evolutionary change took place when are ancestors, the first Humans, started to speak. They groomed each other with small talk and story telling, in larger groups of maybe 100 friends and family, later enhanced by the Telephone.

Another great evolutionary change has occurred in the last 20 years or so – cyberspace and the net. This means that we can now groom each other in groups of 500 or more, but instead of picking salt out of our fellow beings and eating it, and instead of telling stories we interact at a physical distance word wide, grooming with Likes and Emoticons, forming clan bubbles of 1000s even millions of beings that we believe are like us, and believing the cultural norms of these new clans.

Soon we may perhaps turn into cyborgs, and our cell phones and devices are becoming part of us as individuals, so that are identities have become increasingly determined and validated by them. The future has suddenly become more uncertain than ever before. We either evolve and use our new identities to adapt or we become extinct. We are on the brink of becoming perhaps many different species of cyborgs over the next who knows how many years.

This is exciting if we use the net and don’t let it use us but scary if we allow the net to rule over us and submit to its growing power and dominance. These are the two main futures ahead of use, perhaps the two new species: Homo Superior and Homo Inferior – if we have a choice the time to choose is now….

January 21, 2018

Plastic Bridge Across the Channel

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Boris and Macron have been thinking about building a bridge between Blighty and La Belle France. There is a massive build up of plastic here, especially since the Chinks won’t take anymore for disposal. Let’s kill two birds with one stone and build a ginormous multi coloured plastic bridge across the Channel – recycling problem solved and Boris and Macron’s Egos boosted even more – the Bridge should be named The Entente Plasticale Fantasticale.

January 17, 2018

The Honour of the Wolf Bond

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While I eat breakfast Sammy lies at my feet under the table, silently, avoiding eye contact, looking sheepish – but when he thinks my attention is on my food I sometimes catch him taking an interested peak, ears forward, eyes as big as saucers. He is reminding me of my feudal loyalty to reward his stewardship with a token of esteem way beyond its nutritional value. As I near the end of my crust he becomes alert, darts me a questioning look in hopeful anticipation. I pretend not to notice, and as he turns his head away I produce a tiny bit of toast. Instantly he rises up and without delay wolfs down my offering, before going off to lick his chops. Honour amongst wolves has been satisfied, and our bond remains secure.

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