December 27, 2017

That Dozy, Dizzy phase after the Flu….

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:30 pm by Aleksan

Post viral fatigue is both healing and frustrating. I am over the worst of this nasty virus, I guess from the course of my illness, a strain of Flu, and now on that dozy, dizzy phase of occasional naps mixed with doing more around the house. Yesterday I had my first short walk out but today there is a biting cold North wind to keep me in.

Penny has made a much quicker recovery than me…..but has the catarrh and needs to rest quite a bit. We are both reading a fair amount, a wonderful way to relax and pass time as someone else in another world. I find that I can use my Rattle, a gift from a Shaman before Christmas, to raise the energy level from time to time, when I do a little dance, using the Rattle to connect with healing Guides and the Flow of Natural Energy from The Great Spirit that flows through us all but whom we can never possess….

Sending Love and Blessings to all Beings passing through this space-time, but connecting in the Realm beyond this Apparent World….

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