December 2, 2017

Microwave poached eggs in just over a minute without buying plastic rubbish to do it

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:19 pm by Aleksan

It’s not very nice out there, and home alone, so I thought I would do some cooking. Now I am not Cordon Bleu and I confine myself to eggs – usually boiled, poached or scrambled. But I read an advert on Facebook proclaiming a wonderful microwave poached egg plastic container, complete with two sections, one for each egg, lids and integrated cullnder (sp.) – at an extortionate price …..why buy that rubbish?

So decided a do-it-yourself system. Method: Crack open two eggs, and place them in a small bowl half full of water so water covers the eggs. Pierce yolks with a sharp knife (the clever bit). Microwave for….I minute and 10 seconds (I increased the time because there were two eggs in one bowl.). Drain in a cullinder (sp?)

Result: Delicious poached eggs, served on French Sourdough toast with plenty of salt and pepper. Who needs expensive plastic rubbish when a dumbo can do it with normal stuff in the kitchen?

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