December 27, 2017

That Dozy, Dizzy phase after the Flu….

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Post viral fatigue is both healing and frustrating. I am over the worst of this nasty virus, I guess from the course of my illness, a strain of Flu, and now on that dozy, dizzy phase of occasional naps mixed with doing more around the house. Yesterday I had my first short walk out but today there is a biting cold North wind to keep me in.

Penny has made a much quicker recovery than me…..but has the catarrh and needs to rest quite a bit. We are both reading a fair amount, a wonderful way to relax and pass time as someone else in another world. I find that I can use my Rattle, a gift from a Shaman before Christmas, to raise the energy level from time to time, when I do a little dance, using the Rattle to connect with healing Guides and the Flow of Natural Energy from The Great Spirit that flows through us all but whom we can never possess….

Sending Love and Blessings to all Beings passing through this space-time, but connecting in the Realm beyond this Apparent World….

December 24, 2017

Be the Best – Motto of the British Army

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I am not yet over the lurgy, but must be getting there because I was incensed to hear that Government advisors believe the Army motto “Be the Best” is elitist and non inclusive – and should be dropped! Now I am no warmonger but my grandfather served in the Black Watch Vets in WW I, and I have a niece currently serving in the Royal Artillery who I am proud of. The Army should be elitist, so should doctors, postpeople and farmers – we should all try to be the best we can in whatever field we work or serve. Nice to have a rant again, especially on Christmas Eve! And those Government advisors should be sacked forthwith….

December 11, 2017

Day Surgery tomorrow, and I cannot escape!

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Tomorrow I go in to Winchester Hospital for Day Surgery. Not something I look forward to exactly but I am looking forward to getting it over, because the waiting takes away my focus on other people and interests. I had to have my tonsils out at the same Hospital when I was five. When it was time to go I made a run for it and hid round the back amongst the farm buildings, listening to my parents calling for me! Now I am a bit older I will escape again for a while – into an absorbing book…

December 9, 2017

And lead us not into temptation?

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“And lead us not into temptation” The Pope is correct – it is not an accurate translation into English. But the Lord’s Prayer in the poetic and beautiful English of King James is familiar and apropriate and not sectarian. Perhaps the lovely poetry of this Prayer, that people of my generation were taught almost from birth, should not be changed. Meaning cannot be absolute and we must create it ourselves from our experience of life. It was originally a prayer given to others in his group by a clever and kind Jewish Rabbi two thousand years ago. “Dont let temptation lead us” is most ikely what he meant, but it just hasn’t got the patina of the distorted English version….

December 8, 2017

Integrating the Child and the Old Man – a paper by Jules Evans

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A great paper! As a boarding school survivor, a psychiatrist, and now a Bard in the Druid tradition it all makes good sense. I had a Jungian Training Analysis many years ago since when creativity and art, as well as Buddhist and Stoic philosophy has been valuable and inspirational to me. I find that I can integrate and balance the Puer and Senex through the practice of Druidry, with its spontaneity, no fixed belief system and strong emphasis on living what Jung called the Symbolic Life in the here and now.

December 7, 2017

A University that does not allow the free exchange of ideas is no longer a University…

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Just heard on the radio “A University is a place for the free exchange of all ideas – when it stops allowing the exchange of all ideas, it stops becoming a University” KAREN COX
I may not have got this quote exactly right, but the sentiment is, I believe, crucial in a free democratic Society, as is freedom of the Press and Media, however much it clashes with our own security or interest. Everyone should be able to express there beliefs, political or religious, freely and without fear of being laughed at, hated or punished. Darwinian principles of survival of the fittest, and of the most adaptive behaviour, also applies to cultural memes – may the most helpful memes win!

December 6, 2017

The Aged Burnfied – Gratidude and Bright Blessings!

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Well I am the grand old age of 73 – a miracle! It was a quiet day for a Birthday – that’s how you like it when you get older – less energy, a bit deaf, not wanting to turn out at night. But it sure has been buzzing on FB! Rather overwhelmed by all the good wishes and kind messages….wonderful to hear from so many, young and old, from near and far. Thank you all so much. Love, gratitude and Bright Blessings xxx

December 2, 2017

Microwave poached eggs in just over a minute without buying plastic rubbish to do it

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It’s not very nice out there, and home alone, so I thought I would do some cooking. Now I am not Cordon Bleu and I confine myself to eggs – usually boiled, poached or scrambled. But I read an advert on Facebook proclaiming a wonderful microwave poached egg plastic container, complete with two sections, one for each egg, lids and integrated cullnder (sp.) – at an extortionate price …..why buy that rubbish?

So decided a do-it-yourself system. Method: Crack open two eggs, and place them in a small bowl half full of water so water covers the eggs. Pierce yolks with a sharp knife (the clever bit). Microwave for….I minute and 10 seconds (I increased the time because there were two eggs in one bowl.). Drain in a cullinder (sp?)

Result: Delicious poached eggs, served on French Sourdough toast with plenty of salt and pepper. Who needs expensive plastic rubbish when a dumbo can do it with normal stuff in the kitchen?

December 1, 2017

Should Psychiatrists pontificate from afar about the Mental Health of Politicians?

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It is easy for us Psychiatrists to pontificate from afar about the Mental Health of Politicians, but is this heplful? The conclusion here, as so often in professional matters, is to stick to obervable behaviours before commenting, and not to speculate about past traumas and “feelings”
eg it might be reasonable to conclude that Trump manifests behaviour concordant with a “diagnosis” of NPD (Narcisistic Personality Disorder) but not to make psychoanalytic interpreations.