November 15, 2017

My Family Origins – an update

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:04 pm by Aleksan

For years I have been trying to discover the paternal origins of our Burnfield family. Genetics reveals that our ancient paternal origins in Scotland were Norse Viking and that we descend from the family of Gillebride and Somerled, precursors of many Highland Clan Chiefs – including the Mac Donalds, Mac Innis, Douglas and Mac Alister Clan Chiefs.

The Burnfield name comes from my father’s grandmother’s father, and descends from Robert de Burnville who came into Scotland with Robert de Bruce and other Normans in the 1200s. He was also of genetic Norse origin.

But I have now found out that my paternal Grandfather was more recently an offspring of one of the “Dogs of Mentieth” – and I can push back our Family History paper trail on the paternal side to John Doig of Rattray Perthshire, Scotland, born on 1642 and who died in Rattray in 1701.

The name Dog, or Doig is from the ancient Servants of St Cadoc, a Welshman, great healer and descendant of Augustus Caesar. St Cadoc was revered in Scotland and the Earl of Mentieth founded a Priory in Perthshire in the Saints name, although St Cadoc did not get to Scotland himself as far as I am aware. Penny says she is glad that we are called Burnfield and she is not Mrs Dog – for reasons you might be able to discern…!


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