October 17, 2017

Hillary Clinton – an impressive woman ahead of her time

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:56 am by Aleksan

Hillary Clinton broke a metatarsal bone in her foot on the way to talk to BBCs Woman’s hour yesterday. This morning she was able to give an interview – and it was impressive. What came out of it for me was the honest and clear way she described her dealings with men in politics, including the time Trump lurked behind her in a Presidential election TV show, and tried to intimidate her.

She was clear about how women have to prove that they are very much better than men in politics – the glass ceiling – and how some powerful men can lie, be aggressive and act as sexual predators in a way that women cannot. She pointed out that it is not just Trump that acts in this way, but leading figures in British politics too.

She feared for Democracy’s future in the US and in the world, but was positive that women together can get back up, and work for a fairer and better future.

Hillary is a woman ahead of her time, but one that can be prophetic about the future. I felt awed by her candour, but as a man, ashamed of the bullying, lying and sexual exploitation men are capable of.

Men as well as women, have much that is positive, kind and sincere to contribute – but we have to work on integrating the masculine and feminine parts of ourselves in a creative way in the interests of a kinder, fairer Society where equal opportunities are paramount.

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