October 14, 2017

A memorable night grounded on Foulness Island

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:54 am by Aleksan

Listening to the Radio this morning and they are discussing: Where is the most unusual place you have ever slept?

As a medical student I once crewed for a Consultant Oral Surgeon and his wife on their sailing boat. We managed to get grounded off Foulness Island on the mud and had to spend the night there till the tide turned. He gave me a Tutorial on the Anatomy of the Tongue in the evening, and then we went to sleep rolled up in the sails – they had the Main and I had the Jib.

Imagine how delighted I was a few weeks later taking my Exams when the first question was “Describe the Anatomy of the Tongue” I remembered what I had been taught “The Lingual Nerve took a swerve around the Hyoglossus – well I’be f***d said Wharton’s Duct, the buggers double crossed us!”

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