September 27, 2017

Corbyn – a PM in waiting….?

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:11 pm by Aleksan

I heard much of Corbyn’s speech at the Labour Conference this afternoon. It was impressive in many ways and I found myself in agreement with many aspects of it. Whether it was climate change, being a candid friend to Washington, challenging Saudi over the Yemen War or supporting a Palestinian State – it all made a good deal of sense.

I agree that the UK must become a fairer and more equal Society and his ideas about this were interesting. I am not really sure how he would sort the Brexit impasse or the housing crisis, or how the Business and the Finance worlds will respond to his plans or how they will be paid for without de-stablising the Pound, but I look forward to hearing more.

Corbyn is a man of principle who speaks truth to power and I wish him well. He has 5 years to prepare for Government. This will give the Torys plenty if time to put their house in order – they sure have a challenge ahead of them!

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