September 24, 2017

Fox attack

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:01 pm by Aleksan

04D565DB-3B1C-412F-A864-B5E233E24470Illustration by Penny Taylor

Since the hunting ban there have been more foxes around in recent years, and it is worth rremembering they not only kill hens but also attack and can kill cats and dogs. Sarah Johns took Sammy for a walk in Upper Hams, Longstock today and they were both very distressed when poor wee Sammy was attacked by a fox.

Sammy apparently fought back and the fox was driven off for a while by brave Sarah – but stopped a few yards away to stare at them both. Sam was very frightened and shaking – Sarah got him home and made sure that he was basically OK with no blood spilt. I wonder whether he had got too close to the Fox’s den, where there may have been cubs to protect?

Thank you Sarah for looking after Sam so well and hope you are over the shock too. Townies, don’t ask me whether I want the ban on hunting foxes removed just at the moment…I think you know what the answer would be!

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