September 23, 2017

The cold hand of the Left grabs the shoulder of the young and successful Uber

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:23 pm by Aleksan

The cold clammy hand of the ideological Left has landed on the shoulder of the young and enterprising Uber. A definition of a Puritan is someone who is distressed that someone somewhere is enjoying themselves and they are determined to stop it. Similarly the ideological left are distressed that Uber is successful but not under their control – so they are trying to stop it.

This is the problem of all ideological politics, left or right – they wish to control and force us all to fit their own simplistic and unproven methods despite any evidence to the contrary. Let’s hope that London sees sense, realises that we are now in 2017 and let’s Uber keep its licence to work in London for the sake of natural justice and plain common sense.

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