September 17, 2017

White, old, male and middle class – and not apologising!

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:52 am by Aleksan

OK guys, put this in your pipe and smoke it – I am a white old middle class man, and not only do I refuse to apologise for this, but I am proud of my demographic group! I did not choose my parents or where I was born but I love my family and am grateful to them for the life they have given me. I also love my community here in Longstock, once sneeringly described to me as the soft underbody of middle England, and I am very pleased I am British.

I do get annoyed at the many sneering comments about white middle class people and old people. Yes, many changes need to take place with regard to equal opportunities and wealth distribution – and us white guys are working on this like everyone else. A fair Society is in all our interests. My dad used to say “I have heard of black people, of yellow and brown, but not of the green ones at Hazeldown”.

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