September 16, 2017

A naughty wet dog and his equally wet Master

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:15 am by Aleksan

There’s a very naughty, very wet, old dog watching me eat my breakfast. He keeps wagging his tale and ogling my treacle soda bread. I have a good mind not to give him even a little crumb this morning. I am very wet too and will have to change. All because he wandered off into long wet grass this morning disobeying his Master’s shouts.

I had to blunder across an uneven water meadow in my sandals to get him, and took a tumble, my stick flying off. He did then come over to see me, and was most obedient thereafter. I was not pleased but of course have forgiven him, mostly, now. I wonder if like this other old dog, the writer, he is becoming a wee bit deaf. Of course he had the last bit of my tasty treacle soda bread….

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