September 27, 2017

Corbyn – a PM in waiting….?

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I heard much of Corbyn’s speech at the Labour Conference this afternoon. It was impressive in many ways and I found myself in agreement with many aspects of it. Whether it was climate change, being a candid friend to Washington, challenging Saudi over the Yemen War or supporting a Palestinian State – it all made a good deal of sense.

I agree that the UK must become a fairer and more equal Society and his ideas about this were interesting. I am not really sure how he would sort the Brexit impasse or the housing crisis, or how the Business and the Finance worlds will respond to his plans or how they will be paid for without de-stablising the Pound, but I look forward to hearing more.

Corbyn is a man of principle who speaks truth to power and I wish him well. He has 5 years to prepare for Government. This will give the Torys plenty if time to put their house in order – they sure have a challenge ahead of them!

September 26, 2017

Reporter needs body-guard at Labour Conference…

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Dismayed to hear from Harriet Harman, respected Labour MP, that top independent BBC Reporter Laura Kuensberg needs body-guard protection at the Labour Party Conference.  There is an ugly tyrannical and intolerant aspect in the Left as well as the Right.  What sort of country do we live in when a journalist reporting at a Party Conference is at physical risk from conference attendees?  This weakens the impact of this particular Conference and reflects badly on the Labour Party.

September 24, 2017

Fox attack

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04D565DB-3B1C-412F-A864-B5E233E24470Illustration by Penny Taylor

Since the hunting ban there have been more foxes around in recent years, and it is worth rremembering they not only kill hens but also attack and can kill cats and dogs. Sarah Johns took Sammy for a walk in Upper Hams, Longstock today and they were both very distressed when poor wee Sammy was attacked by a fox.

Sammy apparently fought back and the fox was driven off for a while by brave Sarah – but stopped a few yards away to stare at them both. Sam was very frightened and shaking – Sarah got him home and made sure that he was basically OK with no blood spilt. I wonder whether he had got too close to the Fox’s den, where there may have been cubs to protect?

Thank you Sarah for looking after Sam so well and hope you are over the shock too. Townies, don’t ask me whether I want the ban on hunting foxes removed just at the moment…I think you know what the answer would be!

September 23, 2017

The cold hand of the Left grabs the shoulder of the young and successful Uber

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The cold clammy hand of the ideological Left has landed on the shoulder of the young and enterprising Uber. A definition of a Puritan is someone who is distressed that someone somewhere is enjoying themselves and they are determined to stop it. Similarly the ideological left are distressed that Uber is successful but not under their control – so they are trying to stop it.

This is the problem of all ideological politics, left or right – they wish to control and force us all to fit their own simplistic and unproven methods despite any evidence to the contrary. Let’s hope that London sees sense, realises that we are now in 2017 and let’s Uber keep its licence to work in London for the sake of natural justice and plain common sense.

September 20, 2017

Trump clearly a conteder for The Nobel Prize for Peace

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An interesting mix of news today – Muhammad takes over from William as one of the top ten boys names in the UK this year, and a young woman is done for peeing in an Amsterdam Street – a crime know as “Wildplassen” It turns out that in that lovely city there are 35 toilets for men and only 3 suitable for women. This confirms my hypothesis that women have bigger bladders than men.

But, apart from a new devastating hurricane on the scene, I was most shocked to hear about Trump’s childish threats to North Korea – that he is ready to totally destroy that poor and backward country. My bet has to be on this particular Neanderthal to win this year’s Nobel Prize for Peace…

September 18, 2017

Boris returns to his £350,000,000, like a dog to his vomit

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Like a dog returning to his vomit Boris has returned to his £350,000,000. Is this courage or folly? Has he shot himself in the foot or has he fired the first shot in the race for Leadership? Is he a complete buffoon or a wise eccentric? Hero or liability? We live in strange times…..

September 17, 2017

White, old, male and middle class – and not apologising!

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OK guys, put this in your pipe and smoke it – I am a white old middle class man, and not only do I refuse to apologise for this, but I am proud of my demographic group! I did not choose my parents or where I was born but I love my family and am grateful to them for the life they have given me. I also love my community here in Longstock, once sneeringly described to me as the soft underbody of middle England, and I am very pleased I am British.

I do get annoyed at the many sneering comments about white middle class people and old people. Yes, many changes need to take place with regard to equal opportunities and wealth distribution – and us white guys are working on this like everyone else. A fair Society is in all our interests. My dad used to say “I have heard of black people, of yellow and brown, but not of the green ones at Hazeldown”.

September 16, 2017

A naughty wet dog and his equally wet Master

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There’s a very naughty, very wet, old dog watching me eat my breakfast. He keeps wagging his tale and ogling my treacle soda bread. I have a good mind not to give him even a little crumb this morning. I am very wet too and will have to change. All because he wandered off into long wet grass this morning disobeying his Master’s shouts.

I had to blunder across an uneven water meadow in my sandals to get him, and took a tumble, my stick flying off. He did then come over to see me, and was most obedient thereafter. I was not pleased but of course have forgiven him, mostly, now. I wonder if like this other old dog, the writer, he is becoming a wee bit deaf. Of course he had the last bit of my tasty treacle soda bread….

September 14, 2017

Dyson wants a quick and complete Brexit

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Listening to Sir James Dyson this morning on the radio was interesting. He says his British company is growing faster than any other in Europe and trades with WTO rules. He believes the Europeans have been unhelpful and unresponsive in Brexit negotiations and that the Single Market is not only a misnomer but a complex package in many forms and languages unsuited to modern trade requirements. Dyson believes that we should make a clean break with Europe and not stay in the single Market but get out quick and use WTO as our trading model, including Tarifs. I am beginning to see that, in the light of European hostility and intransigence, Dyson could well have a good line on Brexit.

September 10, 2017

Penny being interviewed this morning by Nick Girdler on Radio Solent. The subject was Terstan Garden, open to the great British public this afternoon for NGS Charities.

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