August 12, 2017

Peace to Captain Cornelius Fly and to all Beings!

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:53 pm by Aleksan

Sitting in the garden, all peace, butterflies and sleepy Sam. Finished my large mug of tea, but this time I had a teaspoonful of sugar in it – to sweeten the old bugger up. Along comes my long lost many times removed DNA cousin Captain Cornelius Fly and I watch him running round the mug's rim, then the other way round – and now what's he up to? Whizzing round the inside of the mug in spirals like a motorbike Wheel of Death rider! He is not wearing a helmet and it's sticky feet rather than momentum keeping him going….Like me has found a bit of sugar, and it's sweetening up the old bug. Peace to Captain Fly and to all Beings!

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