July 29, 2017

School now, and School then – the loss of male influence

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:36 am by Aleksan

A custom has grown up in British Schools of giving teachers little presents at te end of the Summer Term.

Any kid who sucked up to a Master at my school was regarded as a creep of the first order! our School Masters were the enemy to be avoided or outwitted where ever possible. This sissy idea of giving treats to Teacher at the end of term turns my stomach. But I guess times have changed – and in this new luvvy-dovey feminised and Americanised world this sort of thing has become a sort of norm. But for me the teachers and Masters will always be “Them” to be feared and respected rather than loved and sucked up to.

In our school no one moved or talked in lessons, and we all stood up if a lady entered the classroom. We called our Masters “Sir” and worked hard under an iron disclipine, and played hard. We accepted the odd bit of torture or corporal punishment as fair, and just. And later as Old Boys became friendly, equal and grateful to our Masters who had enabled us to achieve and grow in confidence.

If there were women at our school they were usually Matrons, Mistress of the Wardrobe, Master’s wives, Maids, Cooks, Art Mistress or the Headmasters Secretary.

These stereotypes have now gone, but as the time we regarded woman as having separate subservient roles. Thngs have changed and women now have power, leadership roles and even teach Maths and Sport! This is progress, but in many ways the male professional, including teachers, operate in a softer, more socialised world that is not neccessaruly in the best interest of boys in education – who respond best to strong male role models, regmentation, just disclipine, competition and fellowship.

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