July 25, 2017

Please Women, respect the Sanctity of the Man Cave

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:02 am by Aleksan

I don’t go as far as John Knox, the Scottish Reformer who described “the monstrous regimen of women” in negative terms. I am surrounded by good, kind and loving women and I would not be without them. But I am a man, and a man needs his Bear Cave, his Shed, his Den, his Study or some other space where he can be alone or with other men of his choosing. 

These bolt holes are sacred spaces and their sanctity should be respected. I come from a Patriarchal background – I am used to men holding power at home, and. I went to an all male boarding school. In some ways my school was a mixture of Monastery and Para Military but we studied hard and played hard.  

Nowadays we live in a more Matriarchal environment – in the U.K. The Head of State, the Prime Minister and the Senior Judge are all women. I’m fine with that…but please guys, that is female guys, leave me alone when I am in my man cave – I need my male space sometimes! It may look a quirky and untidy, even eccentric space to you, but it’s my space! I love you guys but I do sometimes need my male friends and separateness from the female tentacles all around me!

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