July 4, 2017

Public Services should not be run to make or save money

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:37 pm by Aleksan

I just heard a guy on the radio suggesting that “Public Services have for many years been considered a milch cow for the private sector.” Yes, this has always seemed a major problem for me. Services should surely meet the needs of sick, poor and vulnerable children, adults and old people and paid for by our taxes – not run as businesses geared to make a profit for either the private sector or government. The same must apply to transport. Trains and buses for example should best be run as Services rather than as money making operations designed to save or make money. All this costs a great deal, and this must must be raised from the better off in society, whether individuals or business, with contributions from the rest in proportion to their abilities. I have always thought that the dictum “From each according their ability to each according to their need” is an ideal worth aspiring to. How this is done is a question that needs better answers than we have at present, and these answers may determine a major change in the political system. We can’t go on as we are with the rich getting richer and poor poorer. A fairer Society is in the interests of the rich and the poor, and for us all. I would like to see a movement in this country a bit like that of Macron in France, but I understand that to start a political party like his is “illegal” in Britain….

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