June 15, 2017

The Tower Block Fire – why did it happen?

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:50 am by Aleksan

Like many of you I am angry that so many people were killed horribly in the Tower block.  The block that burnt down so quickly was refurbished last year and covered in inflammable cladding to increase insulation, and no sprinkler system or adequate fire alarms were provided.  The owners, Kensington Council, failed to listen to clear warnings, and the Government delayed reviewing Fire Safety recommendations generally.  Many of London’s poorest people lived in that Tower Block next to some of London’s richest – who could chose not to live in a Tower Block.  These include people like the Architects who designed such Blocks, and the Kensington Councillors – who would not dream of living in such accommodation.  The local Fire Services and neighbours were heroic in dealing with the fire – but it is a fire that should never have happened, and would not have happened if the Politicians and Councillors had to live on the top floors.  In other countries they manage to build Tower Blocks with more than one staircase, sprinkler and alarm systems and without inflammable insulation, and they are sought after by the more affluent.  But would you want to live in a Tower Block?  I know I wouldn’t – but many have no choice…..There are big questions to be answered and those responsible for this tragedy must be brought to account.  Love and Peace to all those affected and may their loss and suffering never be forgotten.

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