June 7, 2017

I have found my Spiritual Home after a long journey…

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:10 pm by Aleksan

People say that the UK is a Christian country. I would not call the UK in 2017 a Christian country! Maybe that is progress of sorts in many ways. Most of the young people I know are not Christian, and know little about that religion. I know a great deal about it having had it thrust upon me in my youth, and although there are good values in this religion I think it fails dismally to have a monopoly on goodness. I have long ago rejected the Judaea – Christian – Islamic model in favour of enlightened humanism and awakened Buddhist and Stoic ideas. I have at last found my spiritual home after a long journey – as a Bard training in the Druid Tradition, connecting with Naure rather being separate from it and awakening the spirits in material things in order to re-enchant a disfigured and sleeping world.

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