June 6, 2017

Voting in Geological Time – will I leave a trace?

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:12 pm by Aleksan

The bigots – who know they are right and anyone who does not share their views are wrong – are out in force today from Left, Right and Crazy! This Election is a serious business and it is unhelpful either to make it a platform for one issue fanatics, or political trolls who want to make personal digs or bring up old scores. The choices we have got are not that easy, and I for one am siftng evidence and discerning between fake and less fake posts and news items. In some ways though, in Gelogical Time, it is all of no consequence…And in Astronomical Time??? But I guess I will be at the Polling Booth on the Day to make a choice in the Now – knowing that my choice in this Romsey and Southampton North Constituency is unlikely to make a difference, and never has made a difference

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