June 27, 2017

Hagstone – to keep witches away….

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A knarled old countryman has just presented me with this:
“Yers a Hagstone for eee, to keep the Witches away”. I wonder why he should think I should want to keep the Witches away? My life is full of Witches, young and old, and I don’t know what I would do without them…🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

June 25, 2017

Obi Cornyn!

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What will not help Corbyn or this country is to turn him into a cult leader.  I have even seen Obi Cornyn T shirts for sale.  Once he becomes a focus for populists who wish to blame anyone but themselves for Society’s failures then he can no longer be a serious politician.  Appearing at Glastonbury as he did yesterday was not in my opinion sensible.  He might become more popular with youth but less so with those with a knowledge of history.

June 24, 2017

Ledsom- is it patriotic to suggest reporting should be more patriotic?

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Just heard Andrea Ledsom, possibly the next Tory MP to replace May,  pronounce on the radio that – it would be helpful if some media reporting was more patriotic.  Smells of Trump.  Any attempt to change the truth to suit the government smacks of dictatorship.  Perhaps it is also unpatriotic…..

June 19, 2017

A terrorist attack by an Islamophobic far right white supremacist must be condemned by all of us

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A terrorist attack on Moslems in London by a bigoted, angry man from the intolerant far right, fuelled by a context of rising Islamophobia in this country. Let us stand by our brothers and sisters affected and let them know we not only care but condemn this white supremacy nonsense. We are all of migrant origin through the years and it is wonderful to live in this country of diverse origins and cultures.

June 18, 2017

When the capitalist rot set in – NHS Health Care Trusts

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Capitalism at its worst.  I can remember when I first noticed the rot set in.  In the  80s our Family Consultacy Service became part of a local Health Care Trust.  The Finance Director came to see me, the Consultant Psychiatrist, and said I had to see twice as many patients per session as there was now a market.  The reason?  So I could be more efficient and save the Trust money.  I refused – and told him that my job was to do the best for my patients and offer the best Service available to children and teenagers.  His eyebrows furrowed and he looked perplexed.  And he said again “But you can’t do that – it’s not efficient – we have to make money.”  So much for health, care, trust and service…..

June 15, 2017

The Tower Block Fire – why did it happen?

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Like many of you I am angry that so many people were killed horribly in the Tower block.  The block that burnt down so quickly was refurbished last year and covered in inflammable cladding to increase insulation, and no sprinkler system or adequate fire alarms were provided.  The owners, Kensington Council, failed to listen to clear warnings, and the Government delayed reviewing Fire Safety recommendations generally.  Many of London’s poorest people lived in that Tower Block next to some of London’s richest – who could chose not to live in a Tower Block.  These include people like the Architects who designed such Blocks, and the Kensington Councillors – who would not dream of living in such accommodation.  The local Fire Services and neighbours were heroic in dealing with the fire – but it is a fire that should never have happened, and would not have happened if the Politicians and Councillors had to live on the top floors.  In other countries they manage to build Tower Blocks with more than one staircase, sprinkler and alarm systems and without inflammable insulation, and they are sought after by the more affluent.  But would you want to live in a Tower Block?  I know I wouldn’t – but many have no choice…..There are big questions to be answered and those responsible for this tragedy must be brought to account.  Love and Peace to all those affected and may their loss and suffering never be forgotten.

June 7, 2017

I have found my Spiritual Home after a long journey…

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People say that the UK is a Christian country. I would not call the UK in 2017 a Christian country! Maybe that is progress of sorts in many ways. Most of the young people I know are not Christian, and know little about that religion. I know a great deal about it having had it thrust upon me in my youth, and although there are good values in this religion I think it fails dismally to have a monopoly on goodness. I have long ago rejected the Judaea – Christian – Islamic model in favour of enlightened humanism and awakened Buddhist and Stoic ideas. I have at last found my spiritual home after a long journey – as a Bard training in the Druid Tradition, connecting with Naure rather being separate from it and awakening the spirits in material things in order to re-enchant a disfigured and sleeping world.

June 6, 2017

Voting in Geological Time – will I leave a trace?

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The bigots – who know they are right and anyone who does not share their views are wrong – are out in force today from Left, Right and Crazy! This Election is a serious business and it is unhelpful either to make it a platform for one issue fanatics, or political trolls who want to make personal digs or bring up old scores. The choices we have got are not that easy, and I for one am siftng evidence and discerning between fake and less fake posts and news items. In some ways though, in Gelogical Time, it is all of no consequence…And in Astronomical Time??? But I guess I will be at the Polling Booth on the Day to make a choice in the Now – knowing that my choice in this Romsey and Southampton North Constituency is unlikely to make a difference, and never has made a difference

June 5, 2017

Reporting extreme and paranoid Facebook posts!

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One good thing about going back to bed because of illness (just been prescribed a third antibiotic because the previous two lots were ineffectual due to resistance to my bug) – is that I have got my phone handy and have spent some time reporting extreme and paranoid posts – from left and right – to FB!  The election seems to be bringing out the worst not just in our revered Leaders but in my FB friends too!  Maybe I’m just extra grumpy and anyway I wonder if those extreme posts are effective….or maybe I am getting more energy from the latest antibiotic!  Might even be well enough to go out and vote on Thursday – if I can find someone worth voting for that is not a Muppet – hope springs eternal….

June 1, 2017

Surgical intervention! We have a great NHS….

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Burnfield was on full display in Winchester Hospital today while an East European Bear of a Surgeon very painfully reduced a left Inguinal Hernia. There were quite a gang of peeps up for this spectacle, dressed in headscarves and national costumes. Previously the lady GP and the Registrar had failed to put it right – then I was told the Chief was brutal and painful but could do the job. He did and I hollered! His last words to me, after covering my dignity, spoken in a guttural tongue (? Ukrainian) were “See you in Theatre”. I am on the waiting list for a planned op. Three cheers for our brilliant NHS run by skilled and well educated peeps from all over the world! There was one Brit there – a Mr MacDonald….there is no joy without Clan Donald!