May 30, 2017

A rational vote can mean we all win

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:43 pm by Aleksan

It is a very unfair world and the systems we live him mainly serve the rich and powerful. It has been like this for time immemorial, and many have tried to change it, improve it and make it fairer. To some extent they have succeeded, but only to some extent. The process goes on and each generation plays a part. We now have more democracy, more people educated, and less wars. But the struggle goes on with new challenges – population rises, climate change, and artificial intelligence taking away jobs. We vote again soon but information and fake news are hard to separate. Politicians are not perfect, but mostly are honest and trying to do the best job they can. What matters now is to take part and vote, and hope our votes make a difference even a small difference. But let’s not get swayed by emotion, biased views, lies and deception. We must take a rational view and do what we feel is best for our families and communities, and for the world generally. There are no easy answers but let reason rule and set aside anger and fear. Then we will all win.

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