May 14, 2017

The contentment of letting go as we grow older

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:46 pm by Aleksan

I shall be 73 next Birthday which feels me with wonder. When you are young you take older people for granted and don’t expect them to be so active and energetic. You know that even when the weather is hot they will need a pullover. But now that I have got to that stage these things are hard to accept at first and we fight against them trying to cling on to our younger selves for as long as possible and to control events at home and outside. But letting go does get easier once you realise new limitations in energy and mobility, and you become not just resigned, but more practical, letting others take control and enjoying the quiet moments and a chance to read more, and strive less. I am fortunate in having good friends, a supportive wife and family – and a dog who is ageing along with me. We both have shorter walks and enjoy more sleeps than we used to. It’s not so bad bring older once you let go and live in the present – in fact according to some research us Oldies are happier than any other age group.

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