May 12, 2017

Angels and Demons in Politics?  Or just people trying to do a difficult job?

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:51 pm by Aleksan

I am moved to write again on this difficult subject of Angels and Demons in the political arena. Of course the election has resulted in hopes and fears, loves and hates – we humans are emotional rather than rational beings, but is worth developing our critical faculties at times like an election and not go in for cheering or booing too much. Generally speaking there are policies I like more than others in each political party, and there are qualities I am attracted to in the various leaders, and personality traits that I don’t particularly like in each of the Leaders and their Team members. But I sincerely believe that the majority on all sides are kind considerate people doing a hard job and wanting the best for people generally in this country. For this reason I pride myself on being a floating voter intent on discovering somehow the best way forward in this mire of information, propaganda and lies. I don’t regard my Labour or Tory friends as better, kinder or more intelligent because of their political affiliations, but I do dislike the nasty personalised attacks or witch hunts on party leaders, fuelled by the media, and boosted by a lack of political judgement and intelligence, and bare faced emotional bias. No,I do not support silly petitions demanding the immediate sacking of Laura Kuenssberg, by lefties who think she is biased against them, because she is an excellent journalist who asks challenging questions to all sides, sometimes upsetting the prejudiced. Nor do I despair of Jeremy Corbyn, an honest and clever man with great ideas and sincerity. And I think Theresa May is a practical clever leader too, and I wish them both well. They are neither Angels or Demons, just people trying to do a very difficult job at a difficult time. Someone once said that the Human dilemma is that we are halfway between the Angels and the Animals – let us try to look up to the understanding Angels when it comes to Politics rather than blindingly be chased into the fold by scary media dogs like frightened sheep.

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