May 6, 2017

Leadership in context – why people are voting Tory now

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:45 am by Aleksan

When a ship is cruising in calm waters the Captain can come down from the Bridge and talk to the crew, listening to their views. But in bad weather, when the ship is near dangerous rocks the Captain is on the Bridge barking orders that must be instantly obeyed for everyone’s sake. Leadership must be appropriate to context. In the same way a child will do well not because of how strict or liberal the parents are – but how consistent they are. The main reason marriages fail is because of money – but interestingly not because of too little money or too much but because the partners have inconsistent views of how to manage their financial affairs. Politics is similar – people don’t vote for the Party with the most moral ideals, or who promise the earth – but for politicians who are strong and consistent in leadership and who can be trusted to be consistent. This is why we are getting many more people voting Tory – not because of their morality, or ideology, but because people feel safe in an otherwise dangerous and rapidly changing world. The Captain should be on the Bridge.

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