April 4, 2017

Daniel Dennett talking about the illusion of consciousness as a physical entity, but created by a Darwinian algorithmic process of natural selection.

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Daniel Dennett, the Philosopher was on the Radio this morning “The Life Scientific” Radio 4 presented by Jim Al-Khalili. He was putting forward the evidence for his conclusions on Consciousness as an evolutionary algorithm created by Darwinian natural selection, but as an illusion in terms of physical existence. As someone who has studied Zen Buddhist concepts I was struck by how similar the two views of consciousness are – that self and consciousness are an illusion, but part of what makes us aware of our existence and actions. Again, for me, the message was that what we do together really matters, but not to get hung up on the illusion of permanence and separateness. The programme is repeated this evening at 9.30 pm if you are interested – I will be listening again! I shall also be checking out the books he has written.
“The secret of happiness is: Find something more important than you are and dedicate your life to it.” Daniel Dennett.