February 27, 2017

My dog has marvellous Accountancy skills……thanks Sammy!

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:42 pm by Aleksan

I know Mr Sam has many skills, of course he is our wee dog, but even I was staggered when he showed knowledge of Accountancy. Today Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs sent me an important letter detailing my Tax position and Code for the following Tax year. Not terribly interesting just now, so I set it aside for future filing in the appropriate tatty Box File. But Samuel McSomerled ARCCA took it upon himself to deal with the letter in his own inimitable way – I discovered a large bite shaped piece had been removed and eaten – the bit telling what my new Tax Code is going to be….Thanks Sam, it can now go in that special file under the desk – the waste paper bin.

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