February 17, 2017

Blair antics – the Comedy Show comes to Britain

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:35 pm by Aleksan

Has Tony Blair entered the realms of delusion and fantasy?  Is he off his rocker?  This smug, arrogant and deceitful EX  Prime Minister, ultimate symboil of the rich, entitled liberal elite, is calling for people that voted Brexit to “rise up” and fight to reverse the referendum decision (democratically obtained mind you) for the UK to exit the EU.  I did not agree with him about invading Iraq and backed the Protest – but he conned most people including the MPs and that terrible mistake of a war happened, following him apparently praying together with Bush…I have to admit I dislike his namby pamby voice and he reminds me of my condescending school prefects (“get your hands out of your pockets Burnfield”)  I thought the Trump comedy Show was entertaining enough, now we have our own home grown clown.

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